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Urology Investigation

During 2019 the Trust began to investigate concerns which had been raised regarding the urology service. As a result of the initial enquiries it asked NHS England/Improvement to commission an independent external investigation into the service and the allegations that had been made.

NHS England/Improvement have now asked Niche Health and Social Care Consulting to carry out this investigation and they have begun their initial work. 

June 2020 update

Niche Health and Social Care Consulting have been commissioned by NHS England/Improvement to carry out an independent external review into the Trust's urology service. The first phase of their review – development of the detailed Terms of Reference has now been completed and these have been published.

They are now progressing to phase two of their investigation, which includes two sections. Section One is a quantitative analysis of clinical data, outcomes measures and harms, and an indication of the current controls within the Urology Department, and Section Two is looking at individual care and treatment reviews and patient stories, the background to the Urology service and timeline of key events, governance in relation to individual roles including recruitment, job-planning and revalidation, clinical and operational governance and clinical care within the Urology Department and across the surgical Care Group as well as a number of other issues.

Niche hope to be able to submit their final report to NHS England/Improvement at the end of March 2021, but the national and local response to coronavirus (COVID-19) may impact that timescale.

April 2020 update

Niche Health and Social Care Consulting are continuing their investigation into the Trust's urology service. Recognising the challenge as the Trust responds to pressures during the COVID-19 pandemic, Niche are planning to undertake the bulk of their documentary review after Easter and the Trust are supporting the provision of the necessary documentation. 

This will include a review of past patients’ notes/cases which will all be done remotely. Niche may wish to speak to individual patients over the phone during this time. This is largely in line with their original investigation plan.

Niche then expect to need to interview individuals during the summer and depending on timings and the national response to the pandemic these will either be done face to face or over the phone. 

If further onsite work is required this will be undertaken as social isolation and distancing restricted are lifted and the organisation and its staff have returned to normal business post COVID-19.

February 2020 update

Niche Health and Social Care Consulting has now begun the first phase of the Urology Investigation. The Investigation is likely to take up to 12 months to complete and report.

The Trust Board welcomes the Investigation and is fully committed to supporting its work. We believe it will be an opportunity to understand where things could and should have been better, and hope it will provide answers to the questions of those affected by any failures.

We are working to ensure that our efforts to aid the Investigation will have minimal impact on patient services and that staff will be supported and kept informed throughout.

To ensure we effectively respond to the Investigation, we will be investing in additional resources in a number of support and clinical areas, and these will be communicated via existing channels.
We will keep you updated of any relevant developments.

Aaron Cummins
Chief Executive

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